•   Ring-A-Ring

    Now it’s ok to play with your food as long as it is Simba Ring-A-Ring. Its ring shape treats sit cozily around your fingers, making Ring-A-Ring a fun snack to munch on. Not only that, Ring-A-Ring is the perfect blend of wheat flour and potato making it quite unique. Jalapeno flavor made from Mexican chillies add magic to its finger licking taste.




  •   Chipstix

    Simba Chipstix is the perfect snack when you need to munch while on the move. These square shaped hollow long sticks made from imported potato pellets, fried in imported vegetable oil resulting in 25% less oil than regular potato chips. You may choose between

    1. Chipstix Original, the original favorite salted to perfection and
    2. Chipstix Red Hot, a blend of tomato and chilli for genuine flavors of tang and spice.



  •   Chipniks
      The all time party favorite, Simba Chipniks chips are a hit with children and adults alike. They are made from types of potatoes like chipsona and jyoti which are very rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, B6 and carbohydrates. These potatoes have a high amount of fiber and minerals like zinc, iron, potassium and magnesium. So you can enjoy Chipniks without worrying about your health. Simba Chipniks are available in five different flavors to suit your mood:

    1. Sea Salt
    2. Mint Chutney
    3. Tangy Tomato
    4. Fiery Hot
    5. Cheddar and Chives

    * Chipniks Sea Salt caters to Jain sensibilities. So they can be consumed by Jains.
  •   Potato Minis

    Grab a mini bite with Simba Potato Minis. Potato Minis are small potato squares topped with tangy tomato flavor that gives a robust taste of wholesomeness. Available in packs of Rs. 3/- Potato Minis can be enjoyed by one and all. Try it to believe it!





  •   Simba Junior

    As the name suggests, Simba Junior is the answer to your little pangs of hunger. They are mouth-watering bullet shaped studs that you just can’t stop popping one by one. Its blend of sweet-sour tomato and spicy chilli flavor can be enjoyed by kids at Junior price tag of only Rs. 3/-

    1. Junior (Tomato Chilli)
    2. Junior (Mast Masala)






  •   Baby Pops
      Satisfy your humble savory cravings with Baby Pops. Made of tiny balls, it is the ideal snack that you won’t stop popping into your mouth. Available for only Rs. 2/-, Simba Baby Pops feels just right on your tongue and your pocket.

    Baby Pops are available in three zesty flavors:

    1. Tasty Cheese
    2. Yummy Masala and
    3. Tom chat



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